50 First Dates

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What would it feel if I can wake up everyday forgetting what happened for the last whole year? Lucy in the movie “50 First Dates” told me this feeling. Every morning when she woke up, she only rememberred the Sunday of last year which was her father’s birthday, also the date she had the car accident which made her only keep memory before Sunday, so she always felt happy living the same habit as what she did on Sunday a year ago with the kind set-up by her father and brother. After meeting Henry, she could only remember who he was on the same day. But after one night, he became a stranger to her. She couldn’t even recognize he was the one she used to date and love everyday. Henry tried his best to give her a new different meeting every day so as to win her smile and regain their “First Date”. Henry made her tapes every morning to help her remember what happened the day before and the last whole year. Lucy thus felt grateful with all she had when she woke up everyday. On the same day, she always had the same deep gratitude to face Henry with her sweet smile. What a beautiful feeling it is to always feel thanksgiving and to always appreciate each other’s effort. A touching story between a memory lost woman and a devoted man taught all of us, normal people, the essence of love. When two people can thank each other for their devotion everyday like what they did for each other on first date, love can forever be refreshed and energetic. On Lucy’s side, people with memory will ask for more than yesterday and become critical of their partners day by day, while people without memory will feel grateful for their life and the people around them everyday. In the movie, when one day Lucy decided to break up with Henry to let him rebuild his life by burning all their diaries and tapes, I cried for Henry’s broken heart. For her, it was just one day feeling. For him, it was
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