Father/Daughter Dance in Prison

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A Father/Daughter dance is an event that is very common in the United States. This is typically when a Father and Daughter have a dance together. The purpose of this dance is to signify the importance of the relationship between the Father and Daughter. This bond is so important because this is the young girls first impression of men and who they are, and they almost subconsciously carry that throughout their entire lives. Some girls are blessed enough to come home to their fathers every day , meanwhile there are those who are not. Thousands of Fathers go to jail every year, and who knows how many daughters are lost because of this. When a Father is in jail, the relationship between the Father and Daughter diminishes slowly, whether it is because her Father is a "criminal", he is not there in her time of need and support, or just lack of communication. The articles; " A father-daughter dance - in jail" ( Emily Wax), "Prison hosts first-ever father-daughter dance" (Katia Hetter), "Miami Federal Detention Center Hosts 1st Daddy-Daughter Dance" ( Lynetter Holloway), and "A dance with Daddy: Daughters incarcerated fathers at Miami federal detention center hold dance" ( Aurdra D.S. Aburch) prevail positives and negatives of Father/Daughter dances in Jail. Father/Daughter dances in jail can be troublesome but positive that come with these events. Angela Patton had a discussion with a group of girls to find a way for them to connect with their incarcerated fathers. They asked if their fathers can get out for one day to come to a father/daughter dance, but how would that work if they were to be in shackles. "Who is going to allow a bunch of little girls dressed up and be allowed to dance with their daddies in jail" said Angela Patton but then, a letter was written to the Richmond city sheriff, signed by every girl whose fathers were incarcerated. The sheriff contacted

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