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Theater Response Paper: Actors The play that I went to see at 59E59 Theaters was called Gidion’s Knot by Johnna Adams. The play depicted a parent/teacher conference between a mother and her son’s teacher. The mother, Corryn, still wanted an explanation as to why her son, Gidion, was suspended from his fifth grade class even though he committed suicide a few days prior to the conference. Gidion’s teacher, Heather, is apprehensive about telling Corryn why Gidion was suspended without the principal and the school board attorney being present. The play was heart-wrenching yet enjoyable because of the hard work done by the actors and detailed technical aspects. There were only two characters throughout the entire play, Corryn and Heather. Corryn was played by Karen Leiner. Heather was played by Dara O’Brien. Seeing these actors interact with one another on stage showed how experienced they are in the acting world. However, I found it unusual to see Leiner playing the role as Gidion’s mom since she appeared to be pretty old. I finally warmed up to her age when I learned that Corryn is an English professor and her…show more content…
Reacting as well as acting was necessary for this type of play. Leiner and O’Brien had to listen to and wait for each other in order to get the mood of the play just right. This was probably the most challenging part about playing their characters. The audience was focused on them the whole time since they were the only two people on stage. Any slip-up could have easily been noticed. Gidion’s Knot was a very intense play. Therefore, paying attention to the subject was essential. It was evident that Leiner and O’Brien dug deep into the personalities of their characters. For example, Corryn was not just some concerned and grieving mother. She was a passionate individual who believed in being different. The strong and polar personalities of Corryn and Heather made the play even

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