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nt Thousands of middle-class children are caught shoplifting every year. Caroline King's daughter was one I was enjoying a rare moment of relaxation when my phone rang. It was the head of security at Topshop informing me that my 14-year-old daughter had been caught shoplifting with a friend. CCTV cameras showed them shoving items into bags containing some goods for which they had already paid. After leaving the shop, they had been stopped on the pavement, told to put their hands above their heads and marched back through the store to be dealt with like the 40 to 50 others who, every month at this branch of the teen Mecca, are caught slipping things into their bags or up their jumpers. As I hurtled off to meet the felon and her friend, I wondered how to handle the incident - high moral tone or, "That was a silly idea"? In my own teens, I remember classmates…show more content…
Peer pressure is one reason why people shoplift. Some might do it to seem cool or daring. Some do it because their friends shoplift and they want to be part of the group. Some people shoplift because they want things their classmates have but can't afford them. Some people shoplift to see what they can get away with. They may do it as a way to challenge authority or be nonconformist. Or they may get a rush out of doing something risky that has the potential to get them in serious trouble. Others do it as a way to get attention from parents or friends. A few people shoplift because they see it as a way of getting back at a store they don't like or a company whose values they question. But shoplifting rarely affects the store as much as it affects the people who shop there. Some stores may add the cost of shoplifting into their prices. So the people shopping there are the ones paying extra, not the stores. What Happens to Shoplifters? Getting caught shoplifting can be a lot more serious than people may think. Some of the things that can happen to shoplifters

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