Hand On The Freedom Plow Analysis

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Hand on the Freedom Plow Personal accounts by women in SNCC Pretima Melville Entering Troubled Waters Sit-in the Founding of SNCC and the Freedom Rides, 1960-1963 The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was formed in the 1960’s. The SNCC was formed of students who were in black college or universities who participated in the sit-in and demonstrations that were held. They would of done these demonstrations in places that were segregated (ex. Buses, restaurants, hotels). Everyone who participated in these demonstrations knew the consequences to pay but they still continued to protest, because they wanted to get their point across no matter what it took. Some…show more content…
In 1960 the students of Duke University was having a sit- in and Mulholland joined them. Mulholland then dropped out of school and went to Washington and bean to work and participated in the local movement by NAG. She believed that whites should help with the movement. Mulholland applied to black schools and was accepted to Tougaloo southern Christian College. Mulholland was participating in a Freedom Ride where she was arrested, she chose to stay in jail until school started to pay off her fines. While in prison she kept a diary but had to hide it so that it won’t be found by the prison guard. She was the only white southerner on the second Freedom Ride, when arrested she recall one of the cops taking them in saying that they had “five black niggers and four white niggers”. In jail the prisoners spent their time singing, writing and reading. She spoke about how they had to share what they had with the new prisoners and when reading a magazine had to try and not get caught by prison guard. When the lights went out in the evening they would have sang until 2 in the morning, because of this they were denied access to use the telephone and this made the prisoners sing even more the following
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