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Struggling with Dementia: A Puzzle Being Torn Apart I remember just ten years ago right before my husband’s grandmother was diagnosed Alzheimer (a form of dementia). She lived on her own at this point; while we visited she would always bake us fresh cookies while we watched westerns with her about once a week. You could just walk in her apartment in enter a time capsule these were some of the happiest memories of my life. Then as the days passed and weeks turned into months she started to forget little things here and there. She started to get frightened more often even for her, that was hard because she was living alone at that point this made us very worried about her. Then one day she asked her son Charles if she could move in with him…show more content…
She would tell us stories about her pass giving us a sense of hope, and then the next day she would forget everything all over again. When our son turned about four we decided to move. We were moving from our Texas City apartment to a house in Kemah. By this point grandma was about four years into her Alzheimer’s, so we decided with the help of friends she would be one of the last thing we moved from the apartment into the house. Finally the day came for grandma to see the new house; this happened to be one of her good days. She loved the new place, and so did we everything was perfect. The next day I had to work a day shift so my husband and his grandma dropped me off at work like any other day. About 7 O‘clock come it was time for me to get off my husband called me telling me grandma did not want to go, but he did not want to leave her at the house. We had already told the neighbors everything and given them our number just in case she was still herself to a point though and this day she was normal so I told my husband tell the new neighbor she will be there and call us in case of an emergency. He come to pick me out from work then we went to Walmart for a couple things for dinner. Not being gone more than an hour we decided we needed to hurry back. We start to pull down the street and cop cars where everywhere our…show more content…
We had finally figured out what the doctors met by a puzzle falling apart we could finally see that she was only a shell of her former self. It was about March of 2014 when she could no longer make in to the restroom and time so we have to start her on diaper not understanding the whole thing she would take her soiled diaper off and hide it any and everywhere we would found soiled diaper and clothes everywhere around the house; in her bed, under the bathroom sink, in the clean clothes, even in the kitchen. Then come the day when she started to give up she longer wanted to even walk to the restroom. I would have to help her and push her to walk to take a shower or use the restroom. This started to because a daily process that she thought was use being mean to help daily she didn’t understand I was trying to help her. On August 14, 2014 I got into a wreck someone rear-ended me at a stop light, my back was hurt and I could no longer get her up and down daily. She give up completely I had to get help to change her or even move her I got to the point where she started to get bed sore so we took her to the hospital at that point I asked for help and hospice come in they immeditly told us she was in the end stages of dementia, but this was something we already know. We had seen the puzzle of her slowly falling apart right before our eyes

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