Natural Birth vs. Medicated

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So, I have decided I want to write this essay on natural delivery verse’s medicated. Though we most know that natural delivery is better in the long run, but most women tend to choose to at the very least to have an epidural. I can attest to the fact that sometimes they do not work. I gave birth to a beautiful, bouncing baby girl on the 18th of November who weighed in at 8 pounds 8 ounces. I had been in labor for 2 days already the day my midwife suggested the epidural to me and of course I agreed. I was in so much pain and I just wanted it to go away. The anesthesiologist came in about a half hour after the midwife and I decided that it was the right decision. I am not going to tell you getting epidurals are worse than labor because they are not. It feels like maybe a bee sting if that. It didn’t hurt at all. They told me it would take about twenty minute are so to kick in. twenty minutes went by, then thirty minutes and I was still in the worse pain of my life it didn’t do a damn thing to help my pain. I was cussing at the doctors and was not a very happy girl. They kept pumping it with more pain medicine which didn’t do a thing. After I had my daughter “Emilia” I was told by a nurse that she was sorry but the anesthesiologist wasn’t there and I would have to wait until the morning to have my epidural taken out. I had her at 7:45pm and my epidural was in until at least 7am. Now that I have told my story I am going to give some true examples and let you make your own decision on whether or not you want to have an epidural. There are many other pain medications you can get while in labor also. First off you should have a birth plan written up and talk to your midwife or Doctor about what your plans on for your birth. If you want to have an epidural, you want to go natural, you are having a boy and want him circumcised or maybe you don’t. Make sure to talk to your

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