Auntie Mame Analysis

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Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Auntie Mame Essay Patrick Dennis, author of “Auntie Mame” becomes an orphan at the tender age of ten, following his father’s death. In adherence to his father’s will, the young Patrick goes to live with his aunt, Mame, an only sister to his father and the sole living relative he has. The novel is set during the prohibition era, when alcohol consumption is illegal, taking into consideration the occurrence of events in the year 1928. Patrick’s aunt, Mame, is clearly a care free bachelorette, as shown during the young kid’s arrival at her place, only to find her hosting a party in her New York apartment. This classic novel principally focuses on the relationship that grows between Mame and Patrick, her nephew. Mame, irrespective of her free spirited nature, appears to be committed to raising the orphaned child following appointment by her brother as the legal guardian. This commitment is evident from the very first time she meets Patrick. She is regretful for hosting a party prior to Patrick’s arrival as shown from her outburst “But why didn’t you tell me you were coming today? I’d never have been giving this party” (10). After lamenting on her mistake, Auntie Mame happily embraces her nephew and kisses him, thus giving him the reassurance that he is safe. Auntie Mame is also very proud to have her nephew around, as she goes around introducing him to her guests. Her pride is apparent from her statement that “This is my brother’s son and now he’s going to be my little boy” (13). After formally welcoming Patrick into her home, auntie Mame apologizes for her mistake and promises him that they would talk more the following day. The relationship between these two individuals is, therefore, founded on honesty and assurance. Auntie Mame clearly, does not hide her lifestyle from Patrick and she readily
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