Wife Of Martin Guerre Character Analysis

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‘In the pursuit of justice or truth, it is the innocent, who suffers’. It is evident that when justice is being strived for the innocent are the ones who grieve. The negative impact which that pursuing justice has on the innocent has been foreshown in great detail throughout the past and the present. The racial injustice which innocents suffer by is a key factor to why many innocent civilians are living in great sadness. Searching for justice in an unjustified district also brings distress to who is seeking for it. Justifying your actions for the good of yourself and the community also may bring along personal suffering. Justice is always achievable; it is the consequences which come with it that make it unbearable. One of the most…show more content…
Bertrande was married off to Martin whilst they were both very young. They were like two strangers that lived together; Martin didn’t treat her the way she wanted to or thought she deserved to be treated. He then went to war and was absent for a long period of time. While he was at war he befriended Arnaud du Tilh; which had the same facial features as Martin. Martin shared very personal stories about himself, his family and his wife to Arnaud. Arnaud then took his similar appearance to Martin as an advantage to start a new life by impersonating him. When the imposter returned as Martin eight years after he left everyone was ecstatic about his return especially his beloved wife, Bertrande. Bertrande didn’t suspect her husband was actually another until after she had a child with him. When she had doubt about Martin she spoke to the priest, her sisters and also Martin’s uncle, but it wasn’t acted upon. Even though she had doubt she still lived with him because she was afraid of the consequences of her admitting that she has accepted a stranger into her home and bed. During the trial when she spoke up about knowing the man she was with wasn’t Martin she did the right thing and come up front with it. Even though she was being just she was the one that was greatly affected by it because the man which was treating her well was executed and the man she was married
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