Nvq 3 Assignment Task C

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nvq 3 assignment 302 Reflective account task C I’m a very conscientious person who was brought up to respect my elders and treat people how I would wish to be treated myself. I feel I carry this out in my everyday practice as I feel whoever I look after deserves the same respect regardless off their age, race, gender, beliefs or any other difference. I am a very bubbly person who always likes to put a smile on people’s faces, I always try to make my clients smile or laugh whilst I am with them but I am also very caring and am able to console my clients when it is needed My grandfather was a Methodist minister so I am a very religious person, I never impose my views on other people, but I do respect their religions and views however I am very interested in listening to other people’s views on different religions I come from a family of 4 children and family is extremely important to me. I have 2 small boys who I spend all my spare time with. I love hearing about my clients families and learning all the different things about them as service users enjoys hearing tales about my 2 boys. I always try to find a common interest with my clients so that they feel more confident and relaxed when we are having a conversation I feel if they are relaxed and smiling they become more accepting of care as some service users struggle with the aspects of care. I have a service user who is partially blind and deaf and loves hearing tales about my family and what we have been up to at the weekend as she is housebound so unable to go out anymore so she loves hearing stories of what we do. Sometimes she will tell me of places she went to when she was younger in the Lake District and describes what it was like, I then try and go to visit these places with my children so that I can describe it to her and hope she can relive the memories through what I am telling her. I try to take

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