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General Psychology – 25th August 2011 Describe in some detail the five most significant events or influences in your life. What has had a larger impact on your life – your biology (nature) or your environment (nurture)? Throughout my (relatively) short lifetime, there have been many different influences which I would say have affected how I live my life and what I stand for and believe in. The biggest influence on my life, I would have to say would be my parents. Ever since I was young, they always taught me to stand up for what I believed in, and to not back down or let anybody tell you that you don’t deserve what you want in life. I was taught that if I wanted to achieve something really badly, then I could achieve it, through hard work, desire and determination. A good example of this would be the last 2 years of my life, from finishing high school in England, to now studying and playing soccer in America. They helped me to focus on my ambitions, throughout my time of playing soccer at many different English League clubs, and always helped to pick me up when I was down or received bad news. I am grateful for everything they do for me, especially all the little things that I did not even realize or appreciate when living at home, but now living away from them I understand how much they do for me, and my brother and sister to keep us happy and content within life, and I will always love them, wherever I am in the world. Another major influence on my life, would be my friends and the friendships which I have created with many different people, of many different cultures and beliefs. I am constantly with my friends, and love nothing more than socializing with them, as we always manage to find something interesting and appealing to do. I have so many memories of being with my friends, and particularly now, within a new environment in a new country, I realize how

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