Unit 3: Supporting Children

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Unit 3: Supporting children Task 1: Provide a list of five ways with reasons, that you have been a positive role model for children in your setting. P3.1- I believe that I have been a positive role model for children in my setting as: I am always respectful I use good manners all the time I am always happy and cheerful within the setting I have good management skills I always have a positive attitude. P3.2- Within my setting you can see that I am respectful to children, staff and the setting as I always take the children serious when they ask me something for example I would never laugh at the children even if what I thing they are saying is funny as I find this to be rude. I never interrupt the children nor the staff when they are talking, I respect children’s and staff’s views and opinions even if some of the things I think different to for example I would never disagree with a child or staff if we was having a decision on something in which we had different views on the subject. I listen to the children and not act like I don’t want to listen to them or act like they are boring, I give full eye contact when a member of staff or the children are talking to me. I talk to the children on the correct level, I don’t discriminate against children of different ethnicity, background basically I don’t discriminate against children at all and I treat all the children the same. I respect the staff as if they asked me to do something I would never pull my face, roll my eyes or complain about doing it even if it is out of my comfort zone I would hesitate but I would always do it and put my 100% into what I have been asked to do. I talk to them in a respectful manner and I am not rude to them. I respect both children and staff by not talking about inappropriate things for example what I did at the weekend. I listen and I’m always polite to the staff members and
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