Character Analysis: On Golden Pond

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On Golden Pond One of the requirements that relates to Ethel and Norman that we had in our group, was that the couple has to be always there for each other through good and bad times. Ethel was there for Norman every time he did something wrong or couldn’t remember something. For example, when Ethel told Norman to go get more strawberries for dessert from the old road, Norman couldn’t remember where the old road was even though they walked on it thousands of times before. Ethel told Norman that the next day she would show Norman where the road is and he will remember because she will be with him this time. Another thing Ethel does for Norman is that she swims to him when he gets hurt, even though she is risking her life. Finally, Ethel helps…show more content…
Chelsea, Ethel and Norman’s daughter, brings her new boyfriend, Billy Ray, and his son, Billy Ray Jr., to the cottage on golden pond to visit. Chelsea asks Ethel if it was okay to leave Billy Jr. with her and Norman for a month while Billy Ray and her go on vacation alone. Ethel and Norman agree to watch him while they are gone. Norman isn’t to happy about watch him, but he grows to like him a lot and they become really good friends. Once Chelsea comes back she tells everyone that her and Billy got married. Finally, when Chelsea, Billy, and Billy Jr. leave, Norman gives Billy Jr. a fishing pole that he has been using while he was staying there for the…show more content…
Ethel and Norman have been together for a long time. In the movie it doesn’t exactly tell us how long they have been together, but it does tell us they got married really young and Norman is already 80 years old, so they have been together for a long time now. In the movie it also shows that they still love each other as much as they did when they got married. Ethel told Norman that she will always be there for him even through the rough times. That requirement to me is the most important one of all of them because it shows you truly love that person with all of your heart and that you will always take care of them through thick and

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