Desiree's Baby by Kate Chopin Summary

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“Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin Madame Valmonde visits L’Abri to see Desiree and her new baby. On the way Madame Valmonde remembered when Desiree was herself a baby. Her husband had found Desiree sleeping next to a pillar as he rode through the gateway of the Valmonde home. No one knew who had left her there, so the Valmondes adopted her. Armand Aubigny saw Desiree eighteen years later, and he felt in love with her immediately, even dough he had known her for years since his dad brought him home from Paris after his mother died. Armand did not care if Desiree did not have family name, he would give her his own. Armand and Desiree got married soon. One month after Madame Valmonde went to visit Desiree and family, and after seeing the baby, she doesn’t believe that the child is her grandson, but Desiree believes that it is because he has grown too much. Valmonde asked Desiree about Armand’s thoughts, and she told her that he was glad having a baby. He even stopped punishing the Negros. But when the baby turned three months old. Desiree is suddenly disturbed by a mystery feeling. A dark spirit descended over Armand. He avoided eye contact with Desiree and he completely ignored the child. He sometimes stayed away from home for long periods of time. As she sat in her room looking at the situation, she called for her husband demanding to know what it meant. He told her that it is because the child is not white so, Desiree immediately wrote to her mother about what had happened. Desiree’s mother told her that she should come back to her house. Desiree showed her mother’s letter to Armand, and he told her that he wanted her to go. Desiree took her baby from the nurse and walked away, she went to bayou where she disappeared not to Valmondes house . A few weeks after she left, at L’Abri, Armand was having his slaves feeding a bonfire where he is burning all Desiree’s and

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