Lawrence Exeter (Short Story)

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Cocaine Substitute Lawrence Exeter was born into a wealthy family on August 30, 1883, in New York City. At the age of five, Lawrence's parents died in a house fire when he was at school. Soon after he inherited the wealth of his parents and started to live with his aunt. At the age of fifteen, Lawrence's aunt died in a car crash. With no one to depend on Lawrence lived in a piece of his old house that was still standing. Having owned the property and being wealthy, Lawrence had the house rebuilt. Lawrence was a greedy little man that wanted more than he already had. He went and got a job with the local mob family. Although he was young, he wanted more than he could handle. Lawrence met Flossie Wentworth and decided she was the one. He decided to get out of the mob and start a serious life with Flossie. On June 17, 1903, they got married and moved to Las Angeles, California. Now in California, the Exeterfamily bought a beautiful mansion. They wanted to start a family and continue the Exeter family name by having a son. Although they wanted a baby, they were shocked when they found out that Flossie was pregnant. Lawrence went to YoosieYonder Baby Shoppe to prepare for their baby boy. Only a month before the baby is expected, they went to the hospital to have a checkup on the baby. Lawrence left to go to the local store and left Flossie home alone. Coming home after a half hour, Lawrence got home and found Flossie laying on the floor. He called Dr. David M. McCoy to the house. He delivered Lawrence Exeter Jr. on October 3, 1903, at 1:32 p.m. Christmas was only around the corner and they wanted Lawrence Jr. to have his first of many family moments. To make their families first Christmas together memorable, Lawrence went to buy toys and decorations. At the age of six, Lawrence Jr. was sent to Palisades School for Boys. Lawrence Sr. was tired of having to drive his
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