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The Birth Of My Son Tarsha Rose English Comp 1 Kathy Conner July 4, 2014 When a woman experiences a miscarriage, it defines whether she becomes devastated or empowered. In the moment of pregnancies women are told that miscarriages happen to almost everyone and that it is common to miscarry a couple times. To many of these women the first and second miscarriages are considered normal but by the third one they are flagged as recurrent and are required to be high risk. I want to share that with my experiences I decided to turn to book stores, online researching, and sources. I went through stress, tears and anger before having my son and almost gave up on having children. But I did not let the world convince…show more content…
According to Chasity Goddard, most of the time there is a reason “55 percent of patients experiencing recurrent miscarriages have an underlying blood clotting disorder as the cause. The good news is that this report also states that "more than 98 percent will have a normal term delivery with preconception aspirin”. During the change of birth control, I got pregnant with my son and it terrified me. But, I decided to take low dose baby aspirin everyday and I was doing well. I was around 3 months pregnant when I had skipped a couple days of aspirin due to money difficulties. I started to spot and panicked as I rushed to the hospital, they said everything looked fine. I was very worried and I told them, “ last time I saw a doctor while bleeding, he told me everything was fine and than a minute later I lost it! So do not tell me everything is fine!” The doctor kept saying there is nothing more to do than just wait. I explained the blood issue, and still was sent home. My sister met me at the hospital that night and had 3 bottles of baby aspirin for me. I took one immediately, went home and never missed another dose. I am very happy to say, my son was born 9 months later, a healthy 8lbs. I believe that if it wasn’t for the aspirin, I would have had another…show more content…
There is a reason for why everything in the world happens. If it wasn’t for me doing the hard work of researching I probably would have never had my son. If a woman can just understand her body and explain to her doctors that she wants to make sure she has no underlying issues that could complicate a pregnancy, she will have a better chance of not needing to go through a miscarriage. I really wish that doctors and OBGYN's would take into consideration our history when planning to become pregnant. Do not be led into believing that your not worthy of testing unless you painfully go through 3 miscarriages. You do not have to

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