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Gifted American Literature The Wedding “Is it possible, I wonder, for a man to truly change? Or do character and habit form the immovable boundaries of our lives?” ( Lewis Prologue). Nicholas Sparks, author of The Wedding, is known for his unique way of portraying sheer joy, melancholy, and romance all into one novel. The Wedding, sequel to The Notebook, tells a story of a man who has for many years overlooked the fact his wife may not be in love with him anymore, and now that he has finally come to this realization Wilson Lewis has to do everything he can and reach to that romantic part of him he has not seen in a while to “recourt” his wife, Jane. Though Wilson Lewis may appear a workaholic that has slowly but surely let his marriage…show more content…
Wilson Lewis faces conflict with his relationships between his wife, his kids, and even himself. Lewis wants to be a better husband, but he is afraid he will not be able to make up for his past mistakes. When Lewis forgets his twenty-ninth anniversary his wife, Jane, is absolutely devastated. Soon after the anniversary is forgotten, Jane leaves to go to New York to spend a few weeks away from Wilson Lewis with their children. In this time apart Lewis spends quality time with Jane’s father, Noah Calhoun, and its Noah’s advice that helps Wilson to deviate the ideal plan. “How many people are ever given that chance? To have someone you love fall in love with you over and over?” ( Calhoun 26). It is then and there that Wilson Lewis dedicates the rest of his live to making his wife fall in love with him all over again. When Jane finally returns, their daughter, Anna, and her long time boyfriend tell Jane and Wilson they want to get married in a matter of months. Wilson Lewis does all he can to help Jane with planning, and takes advantage of the time he is getting to spend with her. Wilson starts surprising her with little things, such as making a romantic dinner for her. As he works to “recourt” his wife, Jane, he finds himself falling even more in love with her than ever. “I stared at her, wanting and not wanting to wake…show more content…
Lewis has been more than out of line when it comes to sweeping his wife, Jane, off her feet, or even making her happy for that matter within the past couple of years. Things clearly are not the way they use to be as he even goes to the extent of referring to his marriage as more like a routine than a relationship. He often finds himself consumed in his work without a minute to spare on his kids or his wife. “It was August 23, 2002, and what I did was this: I rose and ate breakfast, then spent the day at the office, as is my custom.” ( Lewis 4). Yet it is not until he forgets his and Jane’s twenty-ninth anniversary that he finds himself laying in bed wondering just how long their love has been slipping away. “But in looking at her, noticing perhaps for the first time the distracted way she glanced off to the side and the unmistakably sad tilt of her head-I suddenly realized I was not quite sure whether she still loved me.” (Lewis 6). Wilson realizes then and there that he really does love his wife more than anything else life has to offer, and that he is not willing to lose her. Not that Wilson has not always loved his wife, Jane, he just thought there were more important things other than spending time with his

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