Quotes From A Raisin In The Sun By Lorraine Hansberry

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Act 4 scene 1 Travis: Mama, come on what’s taking you so long Mama: Honey what’s your hurry. Travis: we’re goin to our new house. I just can’t wait to go! Walter: Everybody get in and let’s go. (The family goes to they’re new house at Clybourne park. The family stares at their new house.) Beneatha: Oh, isn’t it a beauty. Ruth: Yes Beneatha it sure is a beauty. Walter: What we waitin for come on in. (The family enters the new house and Mama calls the family to a conversation in their new living room. Mama: Look my children from now on I don’t want any problems. I want you children to live happy. Ruth: (Ruth putting her hands on Mama’s shoulder.) Don’t worry Lena everything will be alright. Beneatha: Don’t worry Mama everything will be alright.…show more content…
Travis: I want the one next to Mama’s room Walter: Don’t worry son you’ll get the one next to Mama. Which one would you like sister? Beneatha: The furthest one from all of you except Mama. (The family laughs in joy) Walter: Farewell, And Ruth my wife we will pick this one. (Pointing to the left) (8 months pass and Ruth is about to give birth to the new baby. The family is at the hospital waiting for the new born baby to come) Travis: Mama, is mother okay? Mama: Yes honey, don’t worry you’re going to have a new baby sister or brother. Travis: I hope it’s a baby brother. Mama: Why say that? Travis: Because baby brothers are more fun. Mama: (laughing) Whatever you say Travis. Walter: Mama I hope god will bless our new baby. Mama: Don’t worry son. Believe in God son. (After 30 minutes a Nurse comes out and gives them news) Walter: Is she and the baby alright Nurse: We have a

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