Visualizing Moment In The Notebook

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Paper 1: Visualizing a Moment English 3890 Film & Literature An elderly resident is telling his story throughout the book. He spends his days visiting a woman that often does not remember him. Each morning, he enters her room with a notebook containing memories of his life and love. He hopes that sharing these past events will jog her memory, but it is not to be, because she has memory loss from either Altimeters or dementia. Yet, he tries each day and does not give up. That man is Noah and the woman is Allie, two people that are depicted in The Notebook, set in North Carolina in the 1930s. Noah and Allie met at a carnival when they were teenagers and from that night on, spend their whole summer together and fall in love. It only lasted for a summer because Allie’s family was there in the town of New Bern, where Noah was born and grew up, only that summer. After the summer they spent together, Allie had to return home with her family, in Raleigh. They promised each other that the summer was over but their love and that they would write letters. Yet, knowing this, Noah wrote to Allie often, but his letters went unanswered. For both Allie and Noah, the years of not seeing each other had haunted each of them. Unexpectedly, one day fourteen years later, Allie came across an article in the paper about Noah rebuilding an old plantation house that he loved since he was a child. He and Allie spent many nights together in that old house. She found herself speechless and shaky. She read the article over and over again, thinking this must be a dream. Consequently, after three weeks of distraction and utter disbelief of stumbling across Noah in the paper, she decided that she needed to go and see him one more time. Once Allie arrived in the town of New Bern, the city that brought her and Noah together in the first place, she found herself questioning

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