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For humans, it is natural to try to resist and avoid change. However, trying to avoid it will only make it come swifter and harder. In both Chocolat and The Allegory of the Cave, the theme of resistance to change is evident. Each piece shows us how we are bound by tradition and that we back away from any sign of anything that could alter the way we live. They also show that when you experience change, you will most likely enjoy it and realise that it has actually helped you. In the movie Chocolat, there were many cases where the theme of change is evident. In each of these instances, the change is not welcome at first but later it makes people very happy. For example, before Josephine changed, she was a mess. She was stealing and getting beaten by her husband on a regular basis. At first Josephine rejected the help that Vienna was trying to give her but eventually she started to give in. Because of the kindness and knowledge Vienna gave her, she became a very nice person and a good chocolate maker too! This shows how much change can help you improve your life if you let it. Throughout the movie, people start changing more frequently until the whole town has changed, thanks to Vienna and her chocolate shop. At the start of the movie, the whole town is bound by tradition and cannot stray from the expected path or there will be consequences. This is not the correct way of thinking however. How will you get anywhere in life if you do that same thing every day and do not change anything for your whole life? In this movie, Vienna is able to break the tradition with chocolate. She is able to convince the whole town to change with the result of happiness and peace. This shows how we should try not to be bound by tradition and try to break free and enjoy life to its fullest. In this movie, the theme of change is developed throughout the movie when the villagers start to

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