204 Health and Social Care Level 3

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Assignment 204 Task Ai: Physical Abuse: Physical abuse is involving contact intended to cause intimidation, injury or physical suffering. Sexual Abuse: The forcing of unwanted sexual activity by an individual on another, by using threats or coercion to obtain an outcome detrimental to the victim. Emotional/psychological abuse: Emotional or psychological abuse involves assault to the victim by either acts, threats of acts or coercive tactics, to obtain an outcome detrimental to the victim while using emotional blackmail or threats of blackmail. Financial abuse: Financial abuse is defined when a person usually dominating the victim in some way, uses the victims’ finances or financial assets for uses other than their intended use, i.e. to pay bills etc. Institutional Abuse: Institutional abuse is the maltreatment of a person, usually an adult or young person, from a system of power. This can range from acts similar to home-based child abuse, such as neglect, physical and sexual abuse and hunger to the effects of gaining control of the victim to modify their behaviour, in a harsh or unfair manner. Self-neglect: This is a behavioural condition, in which the individual neglects attention to their own basic needs, such as person hygiene, correct clothing, nutritional needs or even tending appropriately to any medical needs. Neglect by others: Neglect by other is a passive form of abuse, when a partner or friend is no longer able to tend to his or her own needs and you are aware of those needs but choose not to tend to them. Aii: The different signs and symptoms to look for when trying to identify any type of abuse are very complex and you have to be cautious not to confuse them with the clients normal behaviour. Physical - Unexplained bruises, scratches, cuts, fractures, broken bones, or broken teeth. Sexual – Bruises to the
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