Unit 204 Priciples of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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PRINCIPLES OF SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTION IN HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Unit 204 1.1&1.2 Physical Abuse: Physical abuse is any intentional or unwanted contact with you or another person, this may include hitting or shaking someone, poisoning, burning someone or even using an object that could cause harm to an individuall. Signs and symptoms of physical abuse can be visible signs such as bruises and cuts or burns on the body or it could be broken bones and open wounds. Sexual Abuse: Sexual abuse is when any sexual activity is forced upon an individual without consent or made to participate or watch sexual activity. Signs and symptoms of sexual abuse could include injuries to or near the genital areas or bleeding or even a sexually transmitted infection can be a sign of inappropriate sexual behaviour. Emotional and psychological abuse: Emotional and psychological abuse is when physical abuse is being made or even threats these can have a big impact. Being bullied or stereotyping can be emotional and can affect self-esteem anything that affects dignity or self-worth is abuse signs and symptoms can vary from unpredictable behaviour or ignoring and secluding themselves from people, denial of being abused and blaming themselves. Or even aggression. Financial Abuse Financial abuse is when an individual steals from you or restricts your access to you on money/accounts or pensions signs and symptoms could include money going missing around the house or even from your bank. Bank details changing or being unable to make payment. Institutional abuse Institutional abuse is neglect or mistreatment of an individual at risk by a regime or other individuals. It can take place within the settings and services that individuals live in or use, and it violates the person’s dignity, resulting back in a lack of respect for their human rights. Signs and symptoms can be
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