Qcf Unit 205

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205 1.1 • Physical abuse - This is where the individual is injured due to an act of harm comes towards them. • Sexual abuse - This is where the individual is exploited sexually or when topics or acts of sexual nature and enforced on the individual. • Emotional/psychological abuse - this is where the individual is verbally abused, tormented, bullied or blackmailed. • Financial abuse - this is where the individual has money stolen or is encouraged to spend it on thinks they do not need. • Institutional abuse - this is where the institution has imposed procedures that do not conform to the individuals support plans and is not suited to them. • Self neglect - is when the person does not value the self's in society and the basic needs are not meet. • Neglect by others - Is when the individuals support needs are not meet that are not set down in their care plans and support plans. 1.2 The signs and symptoms for each type of abuse and be hidden or obvious all depends on the individual and the abuser, here are possible symptoms or signs associated with abuse:- Financial - the individual may be over protective with finances, missing belongs, missing receipts and unaccountable bank transactions and statements. Physical abuse - there may be a change in their personality, very jumpy and unexpected injuries. Sexual abuse - the individual being abused may behave out of character, acting out around certain individuals, withdrawn and possible confined to own room. Also sexual transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Institutional abuse - this could manifest its self as outcries or concerns from the individual and the carers and/or parents, There is also malpractice occurring and no whistle blowing policy in place. Self neglect - Some of the signs would be poor personal care and hygiene, there cloths might be dirty, they
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