Abuse Task a Ass 204

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Physical Abuse: To use force against a person which results in pain injury or impairment? Assaults like hitting or pushing. Inappropriate use of drugs. Confinement, or restraining a person against their will. Signs of this can include bruising, cuts or pressure marks, changes in a person’s character or behaviour. Sexual Abuse : Contact with a person without their consent, physical sexual acts. Forcing a person to watch pornographic material or to forcibly undress a person or make them undress. Signs can be torn clothing, scratches or bruising in personal areas. Change in behaviour. Emotional/Psychological Abuse: To speak or treat a person in a way that causes them distress or emotional pain. To ignore a person to cause them upset. Signs of this can be change in behaviour, become withdrawn. Financial Abuse: To take money or possessions from a person without their consent. Forge a signature on cheques, misuse credit cards. A person suffering this type of abuse may start to hide things away, or if unaware they could become confused as things or money go missing. Institutional Abuse: To take away their right of choice. Poor policies and procedures from a company or organisation providing care to favour the carer instead of the service user. To restrict outings or visiting. To isolate them from their friends and family. Intimidate a person or isolate them from activities. Stop them from mixing and meeting people. Signs of this could be a person becomes withdrawn, unable to make decisions. Quiet and afraid to speak up for themselves. Self-Neglect: To stop attending to needs such as personal hygiene or wearing appropriate clothing. Eating habits may change or deteriorate. Medical conditions may go uncared for. Signs would be dirty clothing, body odour, bad breath. Weight loss or appetite loss. Side effects of medication been
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