Domestic Abuse Vs Healthy Relationships Essay

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Rene Ogunti 12.3.2014 Domestic violence vs. Healthy Relationships Verbal, emotional and physical abuse all falls under the domestic abuse umbrella. Domestic abuse is pattern of behavior that is used to gain or maintain power or control over one partner in any relationship. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or background. The most know form of abuse is physical but abuse is any behavior that frightens, intimidates manipulates, hurts or humiliates someone. Verbal abuse is the most difficult kind of abuse to identify since unlike physical abuse there aren’t visible scars or bruises. Also, verbal abuse may take place away from the public eye and the abuser becomes different person when alone with his/her partner. This kind of abuse includes outbursts of anger, sarcasm, or indifference towards the victim. The victim is often accused of being too sensitive or making a big deal of the situation. Verbal abuse is manipulative and controlling and is intended to attack the nature and abilities of the targeted victim. Over time, the victim self-esteem is deflated and they become self-conscious around the abuser. The thing with verbal abuse is that may start with simple put-downs or jokes but usually escalates into physical abuse. There are several…show more content…
Emotional abuse includes all the forms of verbal abuse. Emotional abuse is systematic in a way that it brainwashes the victim into thinking they’re worthless. Emotional abuse erodes away self-confidence; a sense of self-worth and it’s often disguised as advice or guidance. Victims of extended emotional abuse often developed emotional scars that are harder to heal than physical ones. Emotional abuse is also used as a way to control one’s partner. Once a victim confidence is shattered; they may feel like they are worthless without their partner. Emotional abuse is important because it can lead to depression, anxiety and even
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