Self-Abusing In Health And Social Care

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1.1 -Physical abuse is when another person is causing physical harm to another person with intention of hurting them -Sexual Abuse is when the forcing of any unwanted sexual activity by one person on another as by the use of threat or force. -Emotional/Psychological abuse is when someone is trying to control and manipulate another person through the use of fear, humiliation, intimidation and verbally abusing them. -Financial abuse is when someone is misusing the use of another person’s belongings whether money, property or valuables without that persons consent or not knowing. -Institutional abuse is when a company or organisation fails to provide appropriate and professional bodies to vulnerable people and failure to protect them while people are under their care. -Self-Neglect is when someone is harming themselves whether being self-abusing (cutting themselves) neglecting their personal hygiene (washing and dressing) refusing to eat or drink. -Neglect by others is failure to provide basic necessary care, assistance and guidance to someone. 1.2 -Physical abuse the signs to look for are; unexplained bruising, cuts, scratches, sleeplessness, loss of appetite a sign of self-defence, depression and change in behaviour. -Sexual abuse the signs to look for are; unexplained marks, repetitive UTI’s, vaginal…show more content…
A couple of examples being, they may have physical abilities that may impair them like not being able to hear or see this may lead to communication difficulties. Or are elderly and are frail and weak. Some individuals may lack cognitive abilities and struggle with being able to understand what is happening or that it is wrong. Emotional resilience and stress could also make someone vulnerable to abuse; depression, relying on other for care and support, stressful scenarios like losing a loved one and grieving, divorce, loss of job and
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