“1920’s America Was a Great Time to Live.” How Far Would You Agree with This Statement?

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In this essay I am going to be answering the question, was 1920’s America a great time to live? After I have presented both arguments for and against the statement, I will come to a conclusion on which argument persuades me to form my opinion. The 1920’s is commonly referred to as the ‘roaring 20’s’ this is because, it was the period of time just after the war and subsequently the countries that won the war went through an economic boom. As normal during big changes in the world, the most extreme changes happened in America. As a result of this I am going to be looking specifically at the changes in America that took place in the 1920’s and how these affected people’s everyday lives. Before presenting any of the evidence my own opinion is that the 1920’s for a lot of people were a very good time to live, however for a lot of poorer people, the 1920’s boom only made them poorer and the rich poor divide only got bigger. Firstly, I am going to be looking at the people who benefited from the economic boom, or as some people would call, the winners of the 1920’s. After the war, the Americans emerged victorious and this gave them a rosy outlook on the opportunities they could create for themselves and gave them more confidence that they were strong as individuals and as a nation. The main change that happened in the 1920’s was the growth of industry. As technology grew, more factories were built, which could mass produce goods at incredible rate. Because they were being so widely produced, household goods became very affordable for the average American and as a result of this many people's lives were made easier and more entertaining by the accessibility of items such as hovers and radios. Also, in the 1920’s most homes had electricity, which changed people’s lives dramatically because electricity allowed the use of labour saving devises and made their homes more
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