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The Great Gatsby and “Babylon Revisited” as the portraits of America in 1920s and the main role of the past in them. The novel Great Gatsby and the short story “Babylon Revisited”, both written by F.Scott Fitzgerald in , are stories about the generation of 1920s as a whole and the lives of the main characters in the reference to that time. The events in both literature works take place on both personal and major scale what makes the plots even more dramatic and the impact of the books on the readers even bigger, as personal troubles of the characters are supported with changes of the society as a whole. Person himself and the society being mutually linked to each other and being influenced by another factors, like political and finance stages of the country, create this exact thing which is called Time. So both the novel The Great Gatsby and the story “Babylon Revisited” are products of the time, products of 1920s. Narrating just about the lives of the several characters F.Scott Fitzgerald skillfully depicts the whole society, introduces us closely to the history of America at that decades, shows reader’s how the American Dream was changing throughout that time period : how suddenly pursuit of wealth and materialism became the main goal of most people, how after that thousands of people lost everything in the market crash and how the whole generation of flappers and pleasure-seekers was eventually lost. While comparing two works The Great Gatsby and “Babylon Revisited” one can’t not to notice the central role of the past in them. As both books begin narrating about the present events and gradually deep into the past. Present is impossible without the past, and F.Scott Fitzgerald was fully aware of this essential fact. First introducing us to the narrator Nick Carraway, then – to the main character - Jay Gatsby, author begins telling us a story, involving
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