How Did The Great Depression Affect America

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Writing Assignment Georgia History The Great Depression forever changed and effected Americans, the economy, and surrounding nations greatly. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and homes. The economy experienced major defaults in banking and trading. Europe and many other nations were set back from many of our inabilities to finance their needs and help with their broken economies as well. Many events as a whole led to the depression. In 1919 and into 1920, there was a rapid expansion in businesses that profited from the war such as steel, rubber, glass, automobiles, aviation industries, and tool manufacturers. They were able to mechanize…show more content…
Our international trade with Europe declined because of that. Europe was productive in industry and agriculture. This caused their demand for American goods to slow, and since Europe had obtained a major debt from the war, they were not capable of paying back American banks the large sums of money that they had previously borrowed. Even though they had planned to pay America back, they couldn’t. Their plan was to use the money they were going to receive from Germany and Austria, but the Central powers never followed through. Financial collapse seemed everywhere, spreading like wildfire. In May 1931, the largest bank in Austria even collapsed. It was evident that the Depression had taken its toll. In 1930 President Roosevelt won election and started the New deal in hopes of turning American strife around. With millions unemployed nationally, it would be a tough job. The banks were dry, as well as, farmer’s lands across America. It seemed that trade had come to a dead end and that everything was going in circles, creating an echo effect internationally. It would be years before America was back on its feet economically, and another great war lied ahead, but somehow Americans were able to keep their hopes and dreams alive and come out on the other
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