‘The Wall Street Crash Was The Main Reason Hitler

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‘The Wall Street Crash was the main reason Hitler got into power’. Do you agree? When the Wall Street stock market crashed in 1929 America’s economy was plunged into a depression. This had a big impact on Germany’s economy, as they relied on the loans from America, and was a big reason in the Nazis coming to power. However there were many other factors that contributed towards the Nazis rising to power, for example Propaganda, the weakness of the opposition and the role of Hitler. The Wall Street Crash was one of the main reasons that Hitler got into power. This started when the Treaty of Versailles was set, it caused a huge economic crisis in Germany, the Weimar government decided to print out more money as a solution to this, but this resulted in hyperinflation. The USA began to lend Germany lots of money – The Dawes Plan – for buildings such as schools, hospitals. Germany was beginning to rebuild herself. However in 1929 the stock markets crashed in America – The Wall Street Crash – and they called back their loans. Germany relied on the loans from America. As a result of this German companies and businesses went bankrupt and 6 million people were left unemployed. The Nazis said they could solve these problems, and create many jobs in the army and building work. This meant that people began to support Hitler as he promised to solve their problems. The Weimar government was struggling to deal with the crisis, and did not want to cause another problem like hyperinflation. The people of Germany had no faith in The Weimar government and knew they had to turn to another party to solve the situation, Hitler promised to solve it so everyone began to support him. All of these pieces of evidence show that The Wall Street Crash was a main factor in The Nazis rising to power. Propaganda was another main reason in Hitler rising to power. The Nazis campaign methods
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