Social Reform In America

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America Founded on dissent, America has grown to be the third most populist nation in the world today. “Dissent helped shape America...” (Hayden.) Dissidents such as Anne Hutchinson, Ben Franklin, and Daniel Boone all settled on the frontier. “The frontier provided an opportunity for a new start for millions until the Census Bureau declared it was closed in 1890.” (Barone) After the frontier failed there was a movement embraced by Americans who were trying to achieve new goals and create new backgrounds for themselves during the early twentieth century. During the movement, Americans focused on a more social reform to improve their lifestyles and well-being. In the beginning of this movement, we began to develop our nation into…show more content…
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 caused the Great Depression. It caused an overproduction of goods, no banking, and it caused people to panic. The Great Depression left people unemployed, homeless, and in poverty. “It was a harsh reality check on the naïve belief that nothing could block the truly motivated individual.” (Fischer) The next big growth in America was the “Baby Boom.” The baby boom made the nations population rise but it also had its downs. The 700 million baby boomers were dubbed for “indulging in an obsessive self-interest that critics blamed for everything from rising crime and divorce rates to child abuse, and urban decay.” (Fischer) But I think it is safe to say that this was the least of our problems. It is very easy to say that over the years we have had our beneficial times and then we have had our extreme downfalls, but when a problem has arose; our country does a very good job, for the most part, of trying to fix the problem. “Americans have shown the energy and hustle to produce economic growth.” “America is a country that goes every year to the doctor” Brooks Wrote, and every year it is told that it has contacted some fatal disease-…and a year later, the patient comes back with cheeks still red and muscles still powerful.” When we have a problem, we address the issue and do everything we can to keep this country running and we haven’t failed

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