Progressive Reform Essay

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Progressive DBQ In the history of the United States the progressives attempted to change the lives of United States citizens for the better. Progressives are reformers who worked to improve social and political problems, beginning in the late 1800’s. During the industrialization era many reformers came together to solve the difficulties of society. There were several reform groups such as, the Populist Party and Muckrakers. Their goals were to help make life better for immigrants. These groups accomplished many things. Some of the things they accomplished were the Pure Food and Drug Act, the 16-19th amendments, and the ruling in Muller vs. Oregon. One goal of reformers in the United States during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was to make the life of immigrants better. Many immigrants had to deal with poor living and working conditions (OK). Immigrants were paid low wages, so they had to live in tenements (Document 1). Tenements were crowded, unsanitary, and unsafe apartments that were very small (OK). Diseases spread quickly due to the overcrowding (OK). They were unsafe because there were no regulations on how they were built. Some tenements didn’t even have windows or fire escapes. As a result many immigrants were caught and killed in fires (OK). Some groups tried to change the living conditions for the better. Immigrants worked in sweatshops that were dangerous. Many immigrant workers were killed and injured (OK). Even young children worked in these dangerous factories (OK). Reformers and Progressives got laws passed to prohibit child labor. They also got a minimum wage set for women (Document 3). Roosevelt (the presidential candidate for the Progressive Party) wrote the Declaration of Principles of the Progressive Party (Document 3). This declaration was meant to try and bring about election and labor reforms (Document 3). One of the
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