Effects Of Wwi On American Society

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Most people are unfamiliar with World War I impact on American society. $33 billion was wasted on the war, interprets the government to tax everything thin from tobacco to luxury goods. The Great Migration impacted African Americans where they moved from the South to the big cities where they faced negative and positive issues. Women in war changed how we women are today, back then women starting taking men's job. Initially, billions were wasted on war, bonds were a problem, and propaganda started to rise. Us spend about 33 billion on the making of the war. How did they get all that money? By taxing tobacco, liquor and luxury goods. Movie stars gave speeches in schools factories and street corners to help stop bonds free of charge. Also, did newspapers, created the first propaganda agency. CPI -- George Creel, who took 75,000 men to be "Four Minute Men". Creel wanted the words "How the War Came to America", so he ordered 7million of prints of it, in addition in 6 other languages. Additionally, Africans American created an impact on the Great Migration that led to Southern black to move to cities. Du Bois believed that blacks should support the war effort, along with African Americans to strengthen to calls for racial justice. The Great Migration impacted the first World War on African Americans lives by accelerating it, bringing hundreds to thousands blacks of the South to cities of the North. In World War I's outbreak and the drop of European's immigration became a success for blacks by increasing job opportunities, where they received jobs in steel mills, munition plants, and stock yards. Reveals that Southern blacks jumped on trains to move to the cities, hundreds to thousands moved to Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia, in the 1915 to 1925. Which lead to negative and positive issues; negative where they faced living in crowded ghettos and one-room

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