How Far Did Nazi Regime Rely On Terror a

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The Nazi’s held on to power by using some violent and clever tactics, one of theirs was the Reichstag March elections in 1933. Within 24 hours of being appointed chancellor, Hitler called a new Reichstag election. Hitler believed this would pull in more votes and enhance his own status. Violence and Terror dominated the meeting with the Socialists and Communists being regularly broken up by the Nazis. The Nazis used hate and fear to great effect in their elections, Hitler wanted to appeal to the German people so he blamed the prevailing poor economic conditions on the democratic government and the communists. He advanced the idea of his government uprising which could restore national pride and unity. Hitler always promised things but never committed himself fully to the details of a political and economic program. Creating dictatorship within 2 months was also help by the improved Nazi financial position, he was promised three million Reichmarks. Along with backing from Goebbels and his exploitation of the media, Nazis were confident in securing the majority of votes in the election. The Nazi terror went as far as persecution of the communists; they were blamed for the Reichstag fire on the 27th of February 1933. They were used as scapegoats for the Nazis to put some blame onto; Van der Lubbe a Dutch communist was arrested. Still to this day we are unaware of the truth of what went on in the Reichstag fire, it was believe than Van dee Lubbe had acted alone. Nazi’s were able to use the fire to exploit the communists and gain support for themselves. A day after the fire Hindenburg signed the ‘Decree for the protection of people and state’ meaning most civil and political liberties were suspended and the power of the central government was strengthened. This was successful for the Nazis as it showed the threat shown by communists, following the campaign hundreds of
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