The Main Reason That Hitler Was Able to Move from Chancellor to Fuhrer Was Because He Had the Consent of the German People. How Far Do You Agree with This Statement?

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The main reason that Hitler was able to move from Chancellor to Fuhrer was because he had the consent of the German people. How far do you agree with this statement? Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on the 30th of January 1933, causing mass celebration in Berlin. Just 18 months later, on the 2 August 1934, he had worked his way to becoming Fuhrer. Some historians say it was the consent and willingness of the German people that took him to Fuhrer but there are other strong arguments such as the Enabling Law, the demolishment of other political parties and trade unions, his agreements with the church, media and industrialists and the Night of the Long Knives. One of the main reasons Hitler was able to come into power was the consent from the German people. Without their willingness to believe and back Hitler, he wouldn’t have been able to gain any real momentum. On the 5th of March in 1933 the Nazis increased their vote from 33.1% to 43.9%, securing them 288 seats. One of the ways Hitler got the backing of the German people was by telling them what they wanted to hear. His use of language and persuasion allowed people to believe him and they felt involved and excited about him and his party and so were drawn into a false sense of what was going on. His clever use of scapegoats such as the Jews or the Communists helped him gain more and more support. One of the main attacks on the Communists was the Reichstag fire on February 27th 1933 for which he blamed the communists and turned people against them. Then on the 7th of April he created a new form of regional government run by Nazi officials. However, there is a counter argument as although his party got 43.1% of the votes, 56.9% didn’t like or vote for Hitler. This shows he didn’t have the backing many people thought he did. However, there are other strong arguments such as the
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