Essay On The Boom Of The 1920's

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Genesis Lopez February 27,2014 AP US History Shaken by the war and disillusioned by the peace, Americans turned inward in the 1920s. The boom of the roaring twenties created genuine benefits on Americans, as incomes and living standards rose for so many. Underneath all this happiness there was widespread anxieties about the future and fear a that America was losing sight of its traditional ways. From 1919-1929 there were numerous advancements and changes that influenced the greatness of this time period like the fear of a change in politics, new technologies, and new forms of leisure and entertainment. For many Americans the hysterical fears of red Russia were always in their minds. The “Red Scare" (a fear of communism) emerged. This fear…show more content…
Movies, sports, dancing, and Broadway shows were at an all time high. Movies quickly became America's foremost form entertainment. Early movie stars like Charlie Chaplain, Douglas Fairbanks, and Mary Pickford quickly emerged onto the scene. The decade marked the break from the old. Everything went from traditional to modern. Sports became big business when it came to consumers and the economy. The most famous home-run hero Babe Ruth caused many to buy tickets in such numbers to see him play at the Yankee Stadium. In 1921 boxing was also a sport that created a lot of buzz. Jazz, the music that is said to emerge at this time was a way for many young people to let go and have fun. Dancing was a form of expression and it seemed like everybody was doing it. The 1920s was a time of modernity and breaking tradition. The. Aftermath of World War 1 unleashed the red scare. Nativism rose and led to the passing of many anti-immigration laws. The original Ku Klux Klan had died, but during this time period a new one had emerged. The movement to ban alcohol caused became a national policy and upset many Americans. The technological and cultural changes ushered in the modern world. Radio and new forms of entertainment caused great consumer economy. With mass production came mass consumption. In all this decade was one of great change that helped shape the world we live in
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