Innovations in the Industrial Revolution

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Since the Civil War ended in the late 1800’s, many inventions and innovations started to skyrocket in production, which led to what is now called the Industrial Revolution. This revolution really made an impact on how the people of America lived. Faster transportation, like the railroads and locomotives, made it easier for settlers to move out west where a lot of the industry work started. Inventions also made a huge impact on how people lived and made their daily lives easier. Some of these inventions were electricity, the sewing machine, the telephone, and the Model T Ford. This expansion and new era of living was very important in the growth of America. The expansion of America was very important to the growth of the national economy. America could only go so long as an agricultural economic country before it would either stop growing or have to change. America had the resources to solely rely on agricultural, but the incoming of new inventions made it harder to pass up a great opportunity and America had to use these innovations to their advantage. The Industrial Revolution brought many settlers to America to work in the growing factories. More workers meant more production, thus creating an economic boom in America. This economic boom was also the start of prosperity for the people in America. The fact that people would travel West and have a new way of life using the new technology and at the same time being able to have land that was all their own. The national economy grew because more people were making money since they had very nice industry jobs. People could afford more things in life that were not considered a necessity. One of the major inventions during the Industrial Revolution was the railroad. It played a major role in the westward expansion during the Industrial Revolution. Towns that became railroad friendly prospered, while the towns
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