The Ways the Developments in Transportation Brought Economic and Social Changes in the United States in the Period 1820 to 1860

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Although the making of new transportation was dangerous and killed many workers, the ways the developments in transportation brought economic and social changes in the United States in the period 1820 to 1860 was because of the new railroads, the new types of transportation, and the way it helped make more income. The first reason why the developments in transportation brought social changes was because of the railroads. With new railroads people were now able to move all around the United States. Now that people were settling in new places it allowed the growth of cities. With all these growing cites, it really changed the way people lived. Cities were getting extremely crowded and people really struggled to find a stable home. Also, with new railroads, it made it faster for people to get to places. Now, a one week trip was now able to be made in two to three days, which led to faster communication. It was easier and quicker to be able to talk to other people or meet up with family. So overall new railroads did really help people socially. The next reason why the developments in transportation brought about social and economic change in the United States was because of all the different types of transportation. One of the new types of transportation throughout this time period were the steamboats invented by Robert Fulton. The steamboats really helped with trading goods with other countries. This new form of transportation was very efficient and easier than using regular boats, which helped economically. Another form of transportation was the railroads. Railroads changed the United States economically and socially. They got people and materials around faster than other modes of transportation did before. So overall, these new forms of transportation really did help economically and socially. The final reason why the developments in transportation
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