How To Write An Essay About The 1920's

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Cullen Herrington Mr. Barnes U.S. History per. 5 2/2/09 1920’s Essays The 20’s were a time of change, innovation, and excitement. New inventions and social actions led to a very energetic generation. Creative social, progressive economic, and mixed cultural ideas were the base of the greatness of the decade up until the Great Depression. Each category had it’s own additions to society but sometimes they ended up being “clouds” in what seemed to be a never-ending blue sky. In my opinion most of the 1920’s was one of the most prosperous, advancing decades culturally, socially, and especially economically. Social interactions were often very dramatic and never subtle. The Marcus Garvey Back to Africa brought about black pride which…show more content…
Apart from the social injustices, the progression and good far outweighed the bad. It was two steps forward and one step back while the economic effects were one huge leap forward and a just as big step back. There were more than a handful of inventions and discoveries that revolutionized American society, led to urban sprawl, made tasks exponentially easier, and were the centerpiece for recreation. Cars were mass produced and people decided to live outside the cities and take vacations more frequently. They produced many new jobs with the need for new roads since the American landscape was drastically expanding. Advertisements not only made businesses prosper but gave people actual helpful information, such as the idea of keeping a much better personal hygiene being better for your health. Alternating electrical current increased energy efficiency tenfold compared to direct current since people could actually turn off their electricity. However, the Installment Plan created a country-wide idea that you could now buy what you really can’t afford and that made a lot of debt which eventually made the stock market crash leading to the Great Depression. Although there was a blotch on the great economic image of the twenties, the bigger smudge was on the cultural rifts that
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