6.02 Industrial Revolution

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“While the Industrial Revolution had both positive and negative effects on society and the economy, the positive effects outweighed the negative.” The Industrial Revolution came to organize and provide much more benefits than harm in many ways and while change overall has both positive and negative effects the positives definitely outweighed the negative. Before the industrial revolution everything was much harder. Let’s take a look at various aspects that found to have more good than bad. Although one may view the fencing of the land owned by villagers and townspeople as an abuse, the reality was that at the time it was something needed. This had a much more positive effect because while the villagers lost land the enclosure resulted in efficient farming that produced more food. Before this happened there were people dying of hunger and very young so thy ay have lost land but gained food and a longer life span for themselves and their children. This agricultural revolution also came to revolutionize how we live and go about our lives. The second aspect of the Industrial Revolution came in the textile industry which was the most important part of this revolution. Cotton became the fabric of choice instead of wool, linen or silk. In this case the manufacturers of the other three may have had negative effects in their industries because they had competition but cotton was cheaper and easier to color. This gave people more affordable choices and industries a better way to make more money. Also the machines that came to be because of this part of the revolution lead to path for methods to be used in other areas like steam machines being used in boats. As a result cities grew faster and the economy was stronger. In the United States, Industrialization came to be really important as well. Factories were the norm now and many unmarried woman had a job,
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