Improvements In Communication

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Explain how improvements in transportation and communication made possible the rise of the West as a powerful, self-conscious region of the new nation. With the market revolution, came a large influx of improvements in transportation and communication. Without these improvements the rise of the western United States would have been a far slower process. By 1784 the US population had boomed and after the War of 1812 the number of land seeking settlers was astounding. Prior too many critical inventions the processes to which America operated under changed little since the colonial era. Most roads were no more than rutted paths through woods and provided little help for transportation. Transporting goods thirty miles by road cost the…show more content…
The telegraph invented in the 1830’s allowed instantaneous to become possible with the use of Morris Code. This increased commerce communication and led to things such as uniform pricing of goods throughout the country. With all of these advancements in transportation and communication taking place, the westward movements of people beyond the Appalachian Mountains flourished. 4.5 Million people crossed the mountains, and this quickly led to the formation of six new states in: Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, and Minnesota. The people traveled in groups and with the new advancements in communication and technology they could quickly establish communities and generate commerce for growth. Along with citizens slaves also made the movement west which further expanded the “Cotton Kingdom.” Overall the advancements in transportation and communication helped to quickly give rise to the expansion of Western America. The growth of western cities and states such as Chicago and Indiana would not have seen such rapid growth had it not been for inventions such as the Steamboat, Roads, The Erie Canal, Railroads, and the Telegraph. Although expansion was going to immanent had it not been for these advancements the cities would have taken longer to become major players in the young US
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