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Section 3 CHAPTER 9 Industrial development in the United States paralleled industrialization in Britain. What were some favorable conditions that sparked industrialization in both Britain and the United States? Many new machines were powered by running water, so inventors built spinning mills near rivers and hired many workers to run the machines. The new machines led to the growth of the factory system, which brought workers and machines together in one place to manufacture goods What factors led to the great expansion of U.S. industry in the late 1800s? The USA started exporting and importing goods with other countries. So, to keep up with demand, we had to produce more, which led to factories and labor unions. Also, the Railway Act that President Lincoln signed helped spur the Industrial Revolution…show more content…
3. How did the Napoleonic wars affect the development of industry in Europe? The energy and effort for war materials prevented the ability of that manpower being focused on new and up coming technologies of the time. 4. How would you characterize the expansion of industry throughout Europe during the early 1800s? The only European country that industrialized in the early 1800s was Britain;continental Europe didn't industrialize until the second half of the 19th century,during what was known as the Second Industrial Revolution. Industrialization revolutionized every aspect of society worldwide. How did industrialization shift the world balance of power? Industrialization greatly affected the balance of power in the world. Those nations that did industrialize became significantly more powerful. The first nation to industrialize was Great Britain. One of the major effects of industrialization was the need for raw materials, so it encouraged colonialism. The European powers attempted to dominate in far-flung places in order to make sure that they had the resources needed to drive their

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