Industrial Revolution Essay

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Industrial Revolution Essay Topic : To what extent did the Industrial Revolution bring about positive change. By : Max Chung The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century made an overall positive impact on Western society. Introduction of factories, the assembly line, new inventions, the development of electricity, and the railroads all contributed to quicker and efficient production of goods and materials. However, it had a negative impact on the people as well. As factories were invented, there were much more pollution compared to the past which brought many health problems to the people. Also the conditions of the factory caused the workers have health problems as well. Although there were a lot of positive impacts on the society during this period which made peoples’ lives easier, there were a lot of negative impacts, which, we face today as well. Now, I will tell you about the positive impacts the Industrial Revolution have left in the history. First of all, during the Industrial Revolution, there were a lot of positive effects on the society which made peoples’ lives easier and a better place to live. There were a lot of changes especially on agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, and technology. Before the Industrial Revolution, majority of people had to work on land to produce food for their living, or everyone would starve. However, as the Industrial Revolution started to take place, new farm technologies were invented which led to an increase in food supply, which in turn led to an ongoing population. In addition, the population increase provided many people in the factories with machinery which was much more easier to work. Not only agriculture improved during the Industrial Revolution. Technology improved a lot during the Industrial Revolution which benefited not only the people, but also the society. In the old days, human and
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