Evaluation of the Engines Impact on Society

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Evaluation of the Engines Impact on Society The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester introduces some exhibits and inventions, which have an influence on human being. This essay will mention some of the engines from the power hall,and evaluate their impact on society with the negative aspects and the positive aspects. It is obvious that some engines have negative effect on the environment and the natural resources of the world. The more quickly the population grows, the more the engines are used. The inefficient engines consume too many resources so that people are anxious about that. In addition, the pollution is more and more serious in terms of the waste from engines, especially on the greenhouse effect by the exhaust gases of engines. Therefore, engines seem dangerous to the society and the earth. Although they have some negative influence on the environment and resources, it is doubtless that engines are more and more efficient with the development of technology and have changed people's life and history. Admittedly, in some engines such as atmospheric engines and hydrogen engines, they have little waste to exhaust. Not only do the new invented engines improve efficiency, but also they promote the progress of people's history. For example, the steam engine was the key to the Industrial Revolution. Hence humans could learn to use the mechanical engines to provide power and open the door to auto-industry. Furthermore, some fields have been explored by the engines, for instance, electricity was discovered and widely used in terms that the magnetic engine was invented. Moreover, people in the present age society have been accustomed to automated life for a long time and engines play a significant role in the automated life. Considering the expectation for future, some people find that engines have a good effect on the future of
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