Industrial Revolution Impact On American Society

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At first America wasn’t in a hurry to join the Industrial Revolution. The people were busy trying to fix their lands and found communities in the colonies they developed. While they knew it was hard to cultivate crops and create homes for themselves while already not having enough hands for the job which makes things worse. The Industrial Revolution was a major period in time. This revolution was a changing point for us in history because it almost affected all of the working habits that we do in our daily lives. It took place in the 1700s and also the early 1800s. The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain and it spread through the world quite quickly. The Industrial Revolution impacted American society economically when the invention of machines to do work of hand tools. These machines must’ve taken many jobs away because if they can do it, people aren’t needed anymore. During the Industrial Revolution, wood, water and also wind were replaced by fossil fuels which were used on making iron. The impact didn’t fully begin until one hundred years later in the 1800s. The transformation which led to machines taking place of humans was called the industrialization of the world. This process still continues…show more content…
It grew in numbers as well as locations and factories. The growth was a great contributory factor in the Industrial Revolution. It allowed higher wages, allowed better diets, made urban places better, and also brought people together in cultures. The Industrial Revolution impacted America economically, socially, politically, and morally. It has helped us to bring the world to where it is in the present. While it was not all beneficial, it also increased population and made America and Britain more successful in making goods faster and having more than what was needed which is a great thing to have other than the opposite. The Industrial Revolution has benefitted us in many

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