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The centennial at philidiea was a global event that would showcase America’s strength, innovation intellengacne, and prosperity since its Declaration. The historc fair would be catalyst in the industrial revolution and America’s future in becoming one of the global superpowers. Many great inventions that were first unvieled at this Philidiea gathering would forever change society such as The Corliss stem power engine, Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, Pennsylvania Railroad, Remington Typographic Machine along with many more. However the biggest reavealing was the the Corliss steam engine standing proud at 45 feet with a flywheel 30 feet in diameter President Grant and Emperor Dom Pedro of Brazil started the Corliss engine and brought life to the fair on May 10, 1876. This massive symbol of the America’s ingenuity was at the center of Machinary Hall and would power the fair and the 800 other machines throughout the centennial exposition. This power of this beastyl machine would mesmerized the visitors being one the main attractions of the fair. Weighing in at 200 tons the Corliss Steam Engine…show more content…
The Centennial fair was marked the historic debut of the new and improved stem engine the Corliss engine. The fair was actually powered by the Corliss engine. The Corliss engine symbolized the strength and growth of the America since they declaration. This symbol that stood center of the Machinery Hall and powered 800 machines. Corliss engine changed industry production. Itself the Corliss engine was a marvelous advancement, but it helped powered 800 machines during the centennial exposition. Some machines would be just as ledgendary as their power source. 45 feet hight and a flywheel 30 ft in diameter turned a crankshaft at 36 revolutions per minute and was rated at 1400

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