Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

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“The Invention of the Industrial Revolution” At the end of the 18th century, a revolution that the world was not ready for began. This revolution was neither a social or cultural revolution, it was an economic one. The Industrial Revolution how the way people produced goods. The revolution began in Britain around 1750 and ended around 1914. It began in Britain because at the time, it was one of the most powerful empires in the world. During the industrial revolution, many new inventions were invented to make the way of living easier and more efficient. The biggest technological advancement was the steam-powered engine invented in 1760 by James Watt. The machine ran on new fuels like petroleum and coal and was an important power source. The steam engine helped the textile and manufacturing industries produce more products. Another advancement was the telegraph. It was a device that could process and transfer messages across the ocean. Messages were sent by special codes, which saved a lot of time because paying for a ship to cross the ocean to deliver a message was starting to become a hassle. This improved trade and communication throughout the world. Even though it appeared as if the Industrial Revolution helped the world, it also brought a downfall in social and cultural situations. Cities were over populated and people were driven out of their homes looking for work. This caused an economic decrease because the inventions were taking the place of people. Because of this, people lost their jobs and were unable to
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