Technology During The Industrial Revolution

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Willis U.S.History since 1865 Technology during the Industrial Revolution Around 1850s, America was on the move towards a new living and the large migration to the west allowed an abundance of foreigners to immigrate into America. With such a large population, people needed to work and mouths needed to be fed. As industrializing began, technological advancement helped transform the quality of life for the American during the late 1800s and early 1900s known as the gilded age. Railroads and other vast resources linked America’s society together. The development of an industrial society began with the vast amounts of natural resources that were discovered across America. Natural resources such as coals, metals, water and petroleum were the basis of running the industrial society. The economic markets expanded to fulfill the growing public needs and were praised internationally. The American government even supported the growing economic changes at all levels along with investors from Europe who provided a source of revenue to continue the industrial expansion. Even a number of inventions were created as the years went on, coping with society. An important help to industrializing was the use of the railroad which was a major transportation and carrier for people and goods. Railroads were faster and safer way to transporting people and goods directly to where they needed to be. The schedules were more dependable and worked continually. Advancement in railroads supplied safer trains such as the air brakes that were invented by George Westinghouse in 1872. The first transcontinental railroad was built by railroads companies to connect to the West to the East. American railroad specialized in traveling into areas that no one has been to before and created cities or towns. The railroads were also a good source of pushing goods from one state to another which helped
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