Positive Aspect of the Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution is what has shaped society into what it is today. Without the industrial revolution, the world we live in today would not be as prosperous and privileged as we know it to be. It is hard for one to imagine a world without the mass production of products we use day to day and the economic benefits from it. Moreover, the production of goods by machine took on new dimensions in itself and changed the definition of the word ‘manufacture’. The original definition pre industrial revolution manufacture meant ‘made by hand’, post revolution it changed to ‘made by machine’. With the industrial revolution came many benefits to society. Firstly, it created the economic revolution. Over the course of two to three decades, it significantly increased the production of goods, the gross increase of domestic and economic trade, and the wealth that generated from this. Moreover, this then led to changes in the supply of money, the concept of credit, and in forms of investment. This in turn brought new understandings of economics. Along with this, the industrial revolution led to the prosperous trade not only across the English Channel to Europe, but across the oceans to Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Not only this, but between 1800-1850 the national income rose by two-hundred-thirty percent. Economic stability and growth led to people being well fed, to have proper housing, and gave people opportunities to not be dependent on an agricultural income. The industrial revolution also brought along social change. It transformed the way that people made a living, the creation of a new middle and working class, and created new jobs and urbanized living conditions. With this, the accessibility to better health care improved. To have access to better health care, people who were sick had access to medicine from a local doctor and the
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