Jobs, Inventions, and Industrialization in the 20th Century

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The industrialization benefited America because it allowed for mass production, it increased jobs, and it caused cities to grow. Industrialization caused the United States to be looked at as a world power. It put items that only the rich could have, into the poor people’s hands. The rise of inventions helped the everyday lives of the US citizens. The invention of the light bulb and telephone illuminated the homes, and allowed millions of people to connect with each other. The mass production of items allowed for greater cash flow. Things were made on demand, and by the thousands. This allowed the US to quickly pack and ship all of their goods to other cities or countries. Mass production also lowered the cost of the products. The quantity of the of the products were not scarce anymore, so the seller didn’t have to sell his products at a high price in order to make a living. The United States was looked at as a world power because of this new “technique.” Mass production also allowed for more jobs to open. Factories needed many workers in order to maintain the upkeep of the flow of items. The United States was facing hard times in the jobs aspect. The poor were getting poorer and the rich kept getting richer. The poor people needed a way to make money, but jobs were scarce during these times. The opening of factories and maintenance facilities allowed for new jobs to open up, in large quantities. The inventions of many new tools, such as the lightbulb, the telephone, and the railroad system allowed for the Americans lives to be easier. Getting from place to place was no longer difficult with the new railroad system, The Transcontinental. Not only did the Transcontinental allow for the bulk transportation of the people, but it allowed for goods and other items to be moved across the country quickly. The telephone allowed for people to connect with each other,
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